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Vera Wang Bridal Collections

Vera Wang Bridal Collections

Every season, designers and girlfriends (or fashionistas) from around the world are eager to know what the new trends will be. Obviously this year continues the pattern would not be different, and for this reason the parades are giving their speech in recent months.

Certainly, one of the most talked brands was Vera Wang, signed by the American designer with Chinese ancestry of the same name; known for his unusual pieces and his completely different style.

Therefore, in this article we will talk in detail about the Vera Wang collection for the year 2020. If you are looking for different and modern pieces, surely this collection can be decisive when choosing a dress and get inspired!

• the collection

It is very difficult to analyze Vera Wang's collection through elements common to all dresses or fashion trends. This is because the designer is different from everything other designers do, and gives her collection a unique and completely modern tone, creating her own trends without being inspired by others.

However, we can say that an element common to most dresses is tulle. This fabric is used in almost all the pieces and has the main function of giving volume and transparency, two other elements very present in the Vera Wang collection for the year 2020.

In addition to the tulle, the lace was also widely used to cause transparency, which gives it an air of sensuality and at the same time leaves the romantic and harmonious piece, especially when this transparency is also in the skirt.

Despite the lace, the collection is completely different from everything you've seen in the bridal world. Tulle dresses with beads, dresses of other colors (light gray, coral, beige, blue, black) and dresses with a lot of movement, everything makes the American designer stand out in the bridal world.

This is undoubtedly an excellent collection for brides who like a modern look and are full of personality; Vera Wang is not a stylist for any wedding, but for ceremonies full of inspiration, art and a lot of sense of her own style.

What piece of the collection did you like the most? We have the opinion that it is very difficult to choose only one piece, since all are very different from each other and will surely confuse many

Girlfriends when choosing only one model!

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