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Pronovias Bridal Collections

Pronovias Bridal Collections

Every year, wedding dress fashion enthusiasts are eager to hear about upcoming catwalk trends around the world. Of course this year would be no different, and the fashion shows over the last few weeks are causing big buzz in the fashion world.

Pronovias is one of the brands responsible for leaving everyone surprised and anxious for these trends, as it has followed its line of extreme quality and at the same time innovated in models to exceed the expectations of all brides and stylists.

Therefore, in this article we will talk in detail about the Pronovias collection for the year 2020.

If you need inspiration, surely this is a must read before deciding your ideal dress!

Dancing light

Art director Hervé Moreau was inspired by the theme Dancing Light to think of this collection. The high point of it is certainly the representativeness thought in all types of bodies, since the

Part numbers range from 34 to 64 and can even be used by pregnant women.

In terms of colors, the brand focused mainly on snow white and details made of silver; Thus, the concept of Dancing Light is well represented in the plays. The collection is extremely versatile, since that we have elements from lace and embroidery to dresses made entirely of glitter.

In the field of sparkles, V-neck dresses and long, flowing skirts are the art director's favorites; When we mention embroidery, the range is very large: from strapless dresses to even bare-shoulder dresses and long sleeves.

In addition, Pronovias has followed a very strong trend next year: pieces of pants and suits, not dresses. Thus, with satin and even lace models, Hervé Moreau follows the trend of bridal fashion and innovates in the brand.

You can see that this collection is perfect for both more classic brides (who prefer embroidery and lace) as well as for the most modern and out-of-standard brides (with pants, trousers and bright dresses).

Finally, we can not fail to mention another element that was prominent in the show of the brand: the pockets. Many brands are already sticking to the pockets of dresses in their collections, but in Pronovias' Dancing Light collection they were present in even the most classic and princess-style dresses, which is surprising and a plus.

Surely when faced with this collection many ideas came to mind! We completely understand, as Pronovias has really whipped into next year and the trends in the bridal world are enchanting and the brand has left nothing to be desired.

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