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Lela Rose Bridal Collections

Lela Rose Bridal Collections

Being up to date on fashion trends is essential for an elegant wedding, especially if you are the type of bride in love with this universe and want to always be aware of everything.

Walk them around the world, even at the wedding!

Then, in this article, we will present the Lela Rose 2020 collection that is currently pumping on the catwalks. Continue reading to see all the creativity and experience of the designer in several models that will surely please the most varied styles of bridal.

The brand

Lela Rose is an American fashion designer known throughout the world for dressing several famous fashion designers and creating pieces with a modern, elegant and sophisticated touch typical of her brand. Lela Rose's fame in the bridal world began in 2006, when the designer launched a collection that finally broke into the world of fashion and began producing lines of wedding dresses.

Then it is possible to imagine what we can expect from Lela Rose in the year 2020! Let's now look at some crucial and notable points of this collection that will surely inspire many brides who are looking for the perfect dress.

The collection

With this collection, Lela Rose promises to attract from the most classic brides to the most modern and stripped, who are probably not looking for a princess-shaped wedding dress, but the versatility that only modern women possess.

The fashion show at Bridal Fashion Week 2020 presents all dresses in shades of white, two of which have small details in black, which shows that the designer broke the idea that shades of black are prohibited at weddings .

The modern bride who aspires to innovate will surely find herself in this collection, since she has two models completely out of line with the wedding dress. The first one has swollen sleeves, it is short and full of black details; while the second is nothing more and nothing less than pants with suit!

In addition to the innovative and challenging dresses, the designer also opted for more classic models of the bridal world. As an example, we have the white tube that stands out for the full lace bust and the princess-style dress, with swollen sleeves and many lace throughout the skirt with also swollen ornaments.

For brides who like more neutral modeling, Lela Rose opted for three V-neck dresses that will suit all tastes: the first one has a full skirt and bust full of lace.

(pulling the classic), the second is made of a textured fabric that gives the piece a special touch; and the third is a basic white model with a well-marked waist.

Brand names

With all this versatility, Lela Rose, as we said before, has been responsible for dressing many celebrities over the years. In this case, the names that cannot be forgotten with certainty are former US first lady Michelle Obama; and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Surely this collection will inspire you a lot when choosing a model to enter the church.

So think carefully about your style and let the talented Lela Rose be part of this important day!

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