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Justin Alexander Bridal Collections

Justin Alexander Bridal Collections

Being up to date on fashion trends is essential for brides who want to walk the altar wearing a model that is on the rise during their wedding season.

Therefore, following the Bridal Fashion Week fashion shows becomes almost a must (very fun) for some people addicted to following trends.

However, not everyone can follow the parades in full; either due to lack of time or many other everyday factors.

Therefore, in this article we will present a little more of the Justin Alexander brand collection for the year 2020.

• The collection

We all already know how Justin Alexander is known for her breathtaking collections, with incredibly well modeled and designed dresses. Of course next year's collection would be no different: with more classic and minimalist models, it will especially appeal to brides who like a more classic and romantic look.

To analyze the collection and its elements, we chose three models that represent well all the characteristics and trends present in the brand for next year.

• Linnea

This model features a strapless bust that falls with floral embroidery, an element very present in several other dresses of the collection, giving a romantic air. In addition, her skirt is flowing and full, another element present in more than half of the collection's dresses (and perfect for brides who want a princess look); Finally, the slit in the skirt gives a touch of sensuality without losing elegance.

• Scarlet

In addition to dresses made of embroidery and tulle, models made of satin also gained prominence at Justin Alexander next year. The Scarlet model has a deep V-neck and is all made of satin, and its snow white color is also a highlight on many other models for 2020.

• Ivy

Finally, we have a model that mixes all the elements of the collection in one piece. The Ivy dress features a snow-white canoe neckline and is made of satin almost to its full length, while the bottom of the skirt is made of tulle, giving more volume and a degraded look to the piece.

Only with these elements can we realize that the collection has not invested in flashy or very out of trend, but classic models that can please all brides; embroidery gives it a more classic feel while satin gives an impression of modernity.

Which model did you like best?

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