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Hair flowers: origin, trends and tips on how to use

There are many trends for brides, both for dresses, shoes, accessories ...

Much of what is worn today has been in fashion for years and has returned with a new outfit.

Today we will talk about the flowers in the hair, the origin of the accessory, tips on how to use it and much more. Check it!

Origin of flowers in the hair.

It is believed that the origin of the tradition of using flowers in marriage comes from the Roman Empire, where flowers were associated with female fertility. At that time, Roman brides married a white tunic and adorned all their braids with crowns! Since then, crowns have also been used during the 60s / 70s in the hippie boho chic wave.

This accessory was no longer associated with fertility, but was used as a symbol of a youth cultural movement.

Today, flowers are used in a way much more related to romance than to culture.

Singer Lana Del Rey, for example, used the flowered tiara as a vintage style and was praised by fans and designers.

Flowers in the hair for brides.

Many brides today choose to wear the crown, giving even more delicacy, combining the style of the dress, the style of the wedding and even the atmosphere when it is thus more linked to natural or rustic-chic.

Any bride can use natural flowers in her hair, the shape and size will vary according to the time and degree of formality of the ceremonies.

If you have doubts about whether this accessory fits your wedding proposal, this style of accessory works very well for beach or field ceremonies, especially in the morning or in the afternoon.

For more informal weddings, brides opt for fresher flowers that match the wedding.

For the more traditional ones that will be married in the church, for example, flowers can be used in nature or in thinner tiaras. For night ceremonies, the most appropriate are those that are applied one by one to the bride's hairstyle.

Speaking of hairstyles ... From the style of the 70s to the most modern, the flowers combine very well. For more retro hairstyles, the accessory indicated is the type of headband. For the most modern, the peeled flowers in their loose hair combine very well. Boho chic? Invest in a braid with crown.

The dress that blends beautifully with the crowns is the one that is more stripped, with more fluid fabrics, silhouette in A or more sequinha. Short dresses also look beautiful, especially for those who want to get married on the beach. The lace also combines well with the crowns, for having a texture that speaks with the flowers.

When in doubt, think about the style of the dress and the type of ceremony and combine the hairstyle with them.

The size of the flower should vary according to the height of the bride. Tall women should choose larger flowers and smaller flowers for smaller flowers, always proportional to heights and biotypes.

The bride needs to feel beautiful on her big day, right? It is a mistake to think that only the dress, the veil, the shoe and the accessories are points to think and analyze when we talk about brides. Wedding hair and makeup are equally important and deserve a lot of attention.

Thinking about it, we wrote this article, showing trends in beauty for brides, and a conversation with Renata Marques and Sylvinha Martins, responsible for Studio 55 Beauté.

But be careful: before any trend, the bride needs to feel good about her hair and makeup. The main thing is to choose a brand that values ​​strengths, matches the style of the bride and combines well in the photos.

Beauty trends

Most natural makeup: one of the trends that is super high this year is the most natural and light makeup. For this trend, bet on the blush and lips in nude tones with slight sparkles.

This type of makeup suits the most discreet brides or outdoor weddings, as in the field.

Glossy lips: Speaking of brilliance, a trend has resurfaced with this whole year: The Gloss. It can be used as a complement to the lipstick, or when alone, in a more cherry color, to give that natural touch to the lips.

Illuminated skin: well-lit skin is a super trend. To create what we call stroboscope, you will only need a large amount of highlighter and blush, which give dimension to the face, highlighting strategic points with points of light.

Metallic: for those who love a more glamorous makeup, metallic eye shadows are also one of the trends for this year and are recommended for those who marry at night and want to shine a lot.

Expert word

We spoke with Renata Marques and Sylvinha Martins, who for almost five years acting individually in the beauty market, decided to join to create a new brand, Studio 55 Beauté.

First, they talked about beauty trends: “The trend of bridal beauty is naturalness. It's a super special day for her and she wants to recognize and feel herself, but more beautiful than ever. Highlight the most beautiful things and preserve your personality. Warm tones, light skin and precious eyelashes are super hot, ”they explained.

But before any trend, they said that the bride needs to recognize herself in that beauty: “Our advice to the bride is not to become a character in her own wedding.

If you never wear your hair up, it's no use making a classic bun, for example, you won't recognize yourself. Keep your personality and look for a production that suits you. Give priority to feeling beautiful and comfortable, these are records that you will keep for the rest of your life, ”they advised.

So how do trends come together with the bride? “When you start looking for makeup and hair references, look for productions for brides / models that have the same profile as you. If you are super brunette, it is no use looking only blonde hairstyles that always highlight all the details. We already had a case in which an oriental showed a makeup reference of a blonde model with blue eyes.

As much as the makeup artist does the correct reading of the chosen makeup and reproduces it perfectly, it may be that the expectation of the bride is another looking at the reference photo, ”they explained.

To conclude, they talked about how they work with brides: “Our differential is to beautify without transforming. We believe that the bride needs to feel beautiful while recognizing herself on her great day. We don't believe there are rules in the middle of marriage: the bride can marry loose hair or red lipstick, if it's part of her personality, ”they said.

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