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Galia Lahav Bridal Collections

Galia Lahav Bridal Collections

The wedding dress is the essential part of the ceremony of any fashion-loving bride with a strong personality. Several brands serve different types of styles and tastes, and few of them have the gift of pleasing everyone, such as Galia Lahav Gala.

This year, the brand opted for trends that are "more of the same", but in a completely innovative and charming way. In addition, there are several models that promise to please brides who are tired of the wedding classics we've seen for years.

Then, in this article we will talk about the Gala by Galia Lahav 2020 collection, which promises to give the talk of the fashion world and will surely confuse many brides, who will not know how to choose Which model is more beautiful!

GALA Collection No. VIII

The collection, called GALA Collection No. VIII, is based and is none other than film director Tim Burton; more specifically your movie Alice in Wonderland. Only with this statement can we understand that the collection tends to be memorable in the bridal world!

If we could summarize the beauty of these dresses in some elements, surely the main ones would be transparency, brightness, lace, flowers and much, much embroidery. All these elements together have created a dazzling collection that is surely separated from the wedding classics and will delight romantic brides who like the photograph of director Tim Burton, as the dresses remember their works well.

• Transparency

Transparency is present in practically all the pieces of the collection. It can be present both in the bust discreetly and in the legs, more daring and sensual. Although transparency is considered modern in the bridal world, when mixed with flowers, the result is an extremely romantic and classic piece.

• Embroidery

Embroidery is a key point of this collection, it helps to give the models a greater visual weight and makes everything more impressive. For brides who do not like embroidery, there are options embroidered only on the bust or only on the skirt; For embroidered addicted brides, there are embroidered dresses in full length!

• Romantic touch

Surely we can say that the main element of this collection is Gothic romanticism. To give this impression, the brand focused on some completely different models than we are used to, plus a similarity with Tim Burton, who is always innovating in the world of cinema.

In this case, we can highlight models with swollen sleeves, short satin skirts, skirts with ruffles in layers and dresses with openings to the belly at the neckline.

This is undoubtedly the perfect collection for brides full of personality and also for Tim Burton fans, since in many dresses we can find Alice's romance in wonderland through the elements inserted by the brand.

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