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Carolina Herrera Bridal Collections

Carolina Herrera Bridal Collections

The Carolina Herrera brand is a great reference in the bridal world, especially among those who love couture and always want to be in line with the trends that fashion is dictating at the moment.

Therefore, the show of the brand that shows the trends for the year 2020 was highly anticipated and, after that, was very commented by everyone in the world of bridal fashion.

But don't worry if you haven't seen the Carolina Herrera 2020 collection yet and you don't know what everyone is talking about. This is because in this article we will talk a little more about the brand and also detail some key elements of the collection for next year!

The purpose of the brand.

It is a mistake to think that dresses are designed for a mere appearance. The truth is that there is a lot of concept behind the formation of any collection, and that would not be different when it comes to Carolina Herrera. The brand's fashion designer, Wes Gordon, said he had big plans when formulating the collection for next year.

According to the designer, the main idea was to eliminate the stiffness of all dresses and add a light and very touching touch, since the main notion to pass is that of "romantic dream".

Therefore, we can expect a collection with light, fluid dresses that convey a security and romanticism that only the Carolina Herrera brand can provide so harmoniously!

The collection

In the first place, we should already say that the designer was able to achieve his goal with the collection. Rich in satin, lace and tulle dresses, the collection features extremely light and touching pieces, mostly in snow white tones.

Unlike most brands, Wes Gordon decided not to focus his attention so much on flower embroidery, but rather on plain fabrics with differentiated patterns. In this sense, the highlight is the plain white satin dress that has a curtain on the back tail, giving an idea of ​​very large and light movement.

In addition, transparency is also a very present element in the collection. Both the sleeves, the bust and the tail, are made of tulle and help, and much, to give a greater idea of ​​lightness to the pieces; In addition, tulle tends to add a touch of sensuality, all of which closes the concept of the desired romantic dream.

Finally, we cannot stop talking about a trend that is very high and will probably only grow over time: the use of pants and pants at weddings instead of the dress. The brand decided to bet on this trend and launched a model; but at the same time he added a type of veil on the back of the long sleeve, perfect to give movement to the piece.

Going against some trends (such as flower embroidery) while maintaining traditionalism, the Carolina Herrera brand promises to be even more successful in 2020, especially among brides looking for quick and easy dresses mobility!

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