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Ashley Graham Wedding Dresses Collection for Pronovias:

Ashley Graham Wedding Dresses

A plus size option in a market that still lacks representation.

Model, businesswoman and activist Ashley Graham has been working on campaigns and partnerships aimed at plus size fashion for a few years, and has now entered the wedding dress market, her first launch, in partnership with Pronovias, launched 16 options of bridal pieces , ranging from size 34 to 64, that is, it suits most bodies and shapes.

When everything started

The inspiration to enter the wedding clothing market came with a personal need, in 2010, when Ashley got married, she dreamed of a traditional long dress that reflected her personality.

However, finding the ideal dress was not as exciting as the brides idealized, but it presented an obstacle: with only two months to go before the wedding and the limited budget, it was impossible to have a tailored model and none of those available in stores dressed her body well.

With the help of their mother and grandmother everything was resolved in time, they found a size 10 model (in American measurements) in a small store in the state of Nebraska, and the family can adapt it to dress the model, who at the time wore the size 16.

Although the story had a happy ending, Ashley realized how the wedding dress market lacked options for other body shapes than mannequins.

The Ashley Graham Wedding Dress Collection

The collection has sixteen pieces, which will start to be commercialized in March of this year, the values ​​go from US $ 1,000 to US $ 3,500.

The pieces in the collection include classic bridal dresses, which range from strapless necklines to more structured models, in some cases there is the presence of exclusive lace sleeves and light fabrics with transparencies.

One of the highlights of the launches is the traditional bridal dress, with long tail and transversal slit, a point that drew attention is that a modern tuxedo is also part of the collection.

All models come with a built-in bra and a shapeware, so the look is already complete, and the bride does not have to worry about these details.

During the casting of the new collection, you can see the diversity of bodies, ethnicities and sizes, so that all women would feel represented.

On this subject, Ashley stated: “My mission is inclusion and diversity always. It is important for me to tell my story. In telling it, I hope that other women will have the courage to tell theirs ”.

The reception of the target audience was very good, which may encourage the launch of more lines and models.

The importance of offering Plus Size options

It is important to note that this is not the only Pronovias collection that serves larger sizes, but it is still a fact that not all brands offer this alternative.

Wedding is one of the most special and awaited dates in women's lives, and it can be very frustrating not to find the perfect dress.

More than beauty, the wedding dress brings more confidence and acceptance of the body itself, since the bride has the opportunity to realize that she can be the way she dreamed of on all occasions, without needing to have a different biotype for that.

It is worth mentioning other brands and designs that have plussize models, such as Asos, Beba’s, David’sBridal, Maggie Sotero and Watters.

More and more, brands are realizing that it is not women who need to change to wear beautiful dresses, but models that must adapt to make women look beautiful, it is rooted that this trend will always bring new incredible releases, such as the seen in the Ashley Graham collection.

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